5 Ways You’re Wasting Time While Traveling

If you fly on a regular basis, then you may think that most of your days are taken up with hurrying up and waiting at airports. Over 1.73 million people fly just in the United States each day. If each person wastes just one hour, then together they have wasted 72,083 days or over 197 years each day. If you would like to stop wasting time at airports, then consider these tips.


Not Choosing the Right Flight

While the price on the flight with two connections may seem like a very good bargain, a non-stop flight will get you there much faster. Many people can easily make up the difference in cost by being more productive at work. Pay attention to the difference between non-stop flights and direct flights to avoid further delays. A non-stop flight has a stop somewhere before you reach your final destination.



There is no need to park when you fly into Tampa International Airport. Instead, use a Tampa limo service to get you to the airport safely and on time. Our chauffeurs know all the terminals, so they can drop you off in just the right spot. They also are equipped to meet you when you get back so that you can rest or just keep on working as you travel back to your office or home.


Not Pre-Clearing Security

The Traffic Safety Administration has announced that they will no longer be allowing passengers to go through express security for free, so if you do not want to waste time standing in a security line, get ready to spend some money. The PreCheck service available at 180 airports in the United States will let you speed right through this lengthy line. This program is designed for those who fly domestically up to four times a year. They are also offering a new program called Global Entry for those flying internationally or more than four times a year.


Flying Out of the Wrong Airport

Sometimes people living in Tampa find better deals out of Miami or Orlando. While these deals may look really tempting, consider the amount of time that you are wasting getting to the other city. In some cases, you can waste more time getting there than you will actually be in the air.


Not Being Organized

If you still find that you are stuck in an airport, then make sure to find the best place to work in that airport. Often times, certain lounges are more conducive to working than others, so make sure to check the reviews.

If you need to work at the airport or while you are in the air, then it is essential that you get organized before you leave the office. While the Tampa airport has free internet, it may not be available while in the air. Therefore, make sure that you have all your files and necessary paperwork with you to complete tasks.

If you are flying into or out of Tampa, then consider a Tampa airport shuttle. Our convenient shuttles allows you to keep working even when you are away from home.

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