Choosing the perfect WEDDING DAY LIMOUSINE SERVICES –7 Tips from Alpha Limousine

Planning for a wedding can be one of the most enjoyable, and painful, experiences that a future bride can undertake. From choosing a date, venue, coordinator, caterer, DJ, linens, to creating invitations, the process can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating.  Wedding transportation is often one of the last things that engaged couples plan for, and can be one of the most important!  All of the planning for the big day is dependent on your guests getting to your venue!

Whether you need a single vehicle for that fairytale getaway, or several vehicles to get your guests to and from, Alpha Limousine is the professional you need to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch.  Here are a few tips to make sure that you choose the perfect Wedding Day Limousine Services.

  1. Book your transportation in advance

You should book your transportation at least 6-8 months in advance of your date.  Once you have finalized your date, locations of hotels, ceremony, reception, and your wedding party size and guest count, you have all the information necessary to get a firm and accurate quote.  If you are getting married in the April/May/June time frame, you will need to book your transportation even further in advance, as vehicles during this period are in high demand due to prom and graduation season. For vintage cars, plan on 1 year in advance, as these vehicles are highly sought after and limited in supply.

  1. A white stretch limo is only ONE option

Limousines are the centerpiece for a wedding getaway vehicle.  From the time a bride is a little girl, she dreams of the ride away in a limousine into eternity with her groom.    But if that is not your style, there are many options available to match your taste.  A party bus for an after wedding party, is a great idea, too.

  1. 3. Don’t forget the wedding party

Providing transportation for the wedding party is not a requirement (technically), but don’t forget they are there for YOU.  Giving your closest friends and family a way to celebrate without having to worry about finding their own transportation is a nice gesture for those that are helping make your day special.  A Family & Friends Limo Service is a great way to give these select few the king’s experience for your day.  Of course, after the ceremony, jump aboard with them for a pre-party ride to the reception.  At the end of the night, you don’t have to worry about your wedding party having a little too much fun; they are safe and sound on their ride back to the hotel.

  1. What about the guests?

If your guest list involves a lot of out-of-towners, a White Shuttle Bus between the hotel and your venue is a great touch!  Navigating tricky roads or an unfamiliar area can put a damper on the spirits of your guests.  Black Mini-Coach Bus or White/Black Shuttle Bus, with seating capacities up to 35 passengers, is a fantastic way to make sure your guests arrive on time, and return to their hotel in a safe and luxurious manner.  If you guests can’t stay for the entire event, make sure your shuttle knows that guests are welcome to catch a ride back to the hotel when they are ready, and your shuttle will be standing by ready for your guests.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask to see your vehicles

Often times, companies will advertise and sell vehicles that they do not actually own, or offer photographs and representations of their vehicles as they were when they were brand new.  Every company doesn’t maintain their vehicles in the same manner, and the vehicle you thought you were getting, may be extremely different or in bad disrepair.  Don’t let this happen to you on your wedding day.  Once you have narrowed down your search, ask if you can come by and take a look at their vehicles in person, or ask to make your reservation in person.  This way, you can avoid any unwelcome surprises by making sure your chosen company actually has the vehicle you are requesting and it is in tip-top shape before making your deposit.

  1. Understand the costs

Most transportation companies charge by the hour and require a minimum booking time frame, normally 3-5 hours depending on location.  In most cases, this means you will contract with services for an entire day.  In some cases, you can book a pre-determined pickup/drop-off, however this is generally in smaller vehicles or for getaway cars.  For shuttles/buses/limousines, expect to pay an hourly minimum.

These cars are expensive to purchase/operate, have high insurance and licensing requirements, and are generally in high demand.  If a nice sedan or SUV is in your plans, ask for a point-to-point rate if you want to save a little money.  The most important thing to remember for your wedding is, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  If a company is well below on cost what you are being quoted, you would be remiss to not find out why.  The old adage is very true; you get what you pay for.  The cheapest option is very rarely the best, or comparable to any.

  1. Don’t be afraid to demand perfection

Wedding transportation isn’t a park-n-ride, public transportation, or a taxi.  It is luxury transportation for one of the most special days in your life.  Don’t be afraid to speak up about specific items you want.  Whether it’s a certain type of champagne in the vehicle, certain kinds of water or snacks, iPod connections or auxiliary cords, a specific attire for chauffeurs, and just about anything can be accommodated.  Just ask about any additional requests you may have, and make sure you get it in writing on your contract or service confirmation.  If it isn’t written down, you can almost be certain it won’t happen!

Alpha Limousine, considers limo transportation should be spectacular and seamless. Our services can accommodate your needs for this most important and memorable event.  The Alpha Limousine fleet, including Sedans, Stretch Limos, SUVs, Vans, Shuttle Buses and Motor Coaches, enables us to handle any and all wedding day limousine services regardless of schedule and group size

At Alpha Limousine, we can take care of every wedding day transportation need:

  • Bride and Bridesmaids pick up and drop off at wedding ceremony
  • Groom and Groomsmen pick up and drop off at wedding ceremony
  • Limo service from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception
  • Limo service for the Bride and Groom from the wedding reception to your final destination
  • Limo service for the wedding party from the reception to your final destination
  • Transportation for your out-of-town guests to and from the airport and on the wedding day

You can count on Alpha Limousine to arrive on your wedding day early to make sure the wedding limo is exactly the way you want it. Once your wedding party is ready, your professional Alpha Limousine chauffeur will take your party to your Tampa Bay area wedding ceremony and reception destinations in absolute comfort, safety, style and luxury.

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