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driver vs chauffeurNot everyone who brings you from point A to point B is a chauffeur. Most people who get the privilege of driving you around are simply that, drivers. So what is the difference between a chauffeur and a driver? Well, as your St Pete limo experts, we have the answer for you!


1. Drivers care about getting the job done FAST. A driver’s sole purpose to you in that moment is to get you from one place to another as quickly as possible so they can pick up someone else. A cab driver is a great example. Have you ever been thoroughly impressed by a cab ride? Unfortunately, the answer to that is usually no. A chauffeur’s job is to get you to your destination quickly as well but also safely & in a way that is as memorable and special as possible. Chauffeurs care about your time & your needs, making your trip one to remember!

2. Drivers are only required to have a D class license, while chauffeurs go through lots of training & learning as well as random drug tests & criminal background checks.

3. Safety is most important to a chauffeur. Not just getting you to your destination quickly, but truly having a safe ride! Passenger count & safety guidelines are taken very seriously in the chauffeur business. There will be no cramming in the cab for us!

4. A Chauffeur is in the service business! We are there for YOUR good time!


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