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holiday party plansHave you been put in charge of the holiday party at work this year? As fun as they may be in the end, the task of planning these parties can certainly be daunting. With location, food, invites, drinks, gifts, & so many more details, we know that you have a to-do list longer than our stretch limo!


We want to offer you a little assistance to help ease the way over the next few months & into the thick of party central:

  1. Start planning now! It may seem early, but it’s not. The party date will be here before you know it & you will need to have reserved caterers, venues, and transportation way in advance!
  2. Find out what everyone likes. You want everyone at your company to enjoy the party, after all, it is for them! Go around & figure out what people like & how they like to celebrate so you can get a better idea of how to plan.
  3. Choose the date! The date is obviously the first choice in planning, but take note: most company parties happen on a week day, but this is a great thing for you because that is when you can get the best deals!
  4. Transportation. Having reliable and safe means of transportation for your coworkers is huge! This makes everyone be able to relax, have fun, and leave without worries!


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