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Just like with any other industry, fashion, interior design, etc, there are changes in trends and styles. Limousines are no different, and over the years there have been many new and revolutionary styles that have come and went. Let’s take a look at a few, but remember, your Tampa limousine service has all the coolest & greatest cars on the market today!


lincoln town car

Above is the Lincoln Town Car which was a favorite in the 80’s and 90’s. More modern versions are still used today and is considered the classic limo type.





hummer limo

Hummer Limos became extremely popular in the 2000’s! Followed closely by the stretch Cadillac!



Can you believe that pink limousines and camouflage were some of the highest requested limo colors over the country years back?



As far as interior design goes, standard black leather seats were certainly not enough! Color was added and LIGHTS, lots of lights!

Cannot forget about the butterfly door trend which is a favorite among those wanting to feel like true VIP’s!


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