Packing Light for Business Travelers

Whether you’re packing for a short weekend trip or an extended stay, packing light provides an edge for the business traveler, both financially and in terms of mobility. Several airlines have restrictions on checked and carry-on luggage. This typically includes strict limits for carry-on items, fees for checked baggage, and weight limits for both. Some will even charge you extra for checking your luggage at the gate. Lugging a heavy, large bag around an unfamiliar city is dangerous and costly in its own way as well, including extra cab fees and a large reminder to others that you are new to the city. When you have no alternative but to drag your luggage around with you, the need to lighten your load becomes even more important. Though you might have to make do with less clothing, you are set for so many added bonuses! Read on to discover our list of how to pack light for your business trip!

Get the Right Bag

To pack light, you have to pack right and in the right bag! You need to get a bag that fits the dimensions of the airline you’re flying with for carry-ons. Always look up major airlines’ current standards before buying new luggage. If you’d prefer luggage that’s easy to carry, you can get a small rolling suitcase with stiff rectangular sides, though there are also messenger bags, duffel bags, or large messenger bags. Every style has its advantages and disadvantages, but do your research and determine which bag will be the perfect fit for your trip

Pack the Right Items

The goal is to pack light and to pack for business. To accomplish this goal, you need a few versatile pieces that can create a different outfit for every occasion. In addition, the more layers you have, the more variable your look. Packing for layers gives you more outfits and the flexibility to adjust for weather changes. If it’s cooler from one day to the next, you can simply add on a cardigan or light jacket. By the same token, you can remove layers if it begins to get too hot. Having layers available also means you can dress up or dress down certain outfits, such as adding a blazer to a casual shirt to make it acceptable for business casual outings. You can still pack light while packing in layers, making sure that the items work well together. Ditching colors except a few key pieces means your wardrobe will be more versatile. Focus on packing neutrals, blacks, and whites. One pair of black pants, a couple of neutral or white tanks, black jackets, and other neutral business attire will make it much easier for you to switch out different outfits on a daily basis. You can add some color in your jewelry or in your tops, but sticking with black and neutrals will help you to pack a lighter bag!

Make Use of Local Laundry Services

Most hotels will have a convenient laundry service available, but it can be costly. In certain areas, there are self-service Laundromats available as well, though a drop-off laundry service is a great option. This way, packing light won’t inconvenience you if you are gone for a long time. You will get much more wear and use out of your clothes if you are able to use local laundry services to keep them clean and fresh!

Pack Efficiently

You need to get as much stuff as you can into your bag without wrinkling items or making the bag too heavy to carry. If you are going to have some downtime before your meetings, you can pack more carelessly because you will have the time to press or iron your clothing on-site. Remember that travel can often lead to delays, however, and the added stress of getting your clothes ready when you’re already adjusting to a new schedule, time zone, and area, can just be another headache you don’t need. Pack your heavier items on the bottom, such as shoes. Fill your shoes with things like belts, ties, or socks. Put your shoes in bags to protect your clothes from dirt. Fold your clothing vertically and roll it loosely to place it in your bag. This prevents creases and allows you to fit more clothing per layer. Keep toiletries together and keep them small.

Reduce Toiletries

Remember you cannot travel with liquids over 3.4 fluid ounces. Keep all your liquids in an accessible plastic bag so you can breeze through security. You don’t need to bring shampoo or conditioner with you, as most hotels will supply these. Most will also supply hair dryers, so you don’t necessarily need to pack that either. Your toiletry bag should consist the essentials: a small travel razor, small contact lens solution, travel toothbrush and travel toothpaste.

Pass on Souvenirs

The more items you collect while traveling for business, the more weighed down you will be. While some people don’t mind returning with a heavier bag, having a lighter bag on the return is equally as beneficial as having one on your arrival! Bring back photos and memories. If you really want to take some souvenirs home, be sure to only take a few or only pack really light items.

If you’re traveling for business, you want to make sure that your focus is solely on your work. To reduce your stresses, consider scheduling ground transportation.

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