7 details you always forget when packing

Sometimes it seems like a breeze and sometimes like a daunting task, either way, you always forget something. We are talking about your list before packing, we make it, you check it, twice and still discover at one point that you forgot something.

This is why your luggage is always bigger than it needs to be. You try to stuff in all the things you don’t need hoping that you do not forget something this time.

Well, we thought about it, and we made a list of seven details that are most commonly overlooked, and as a bonus, we are giving ways to replace them, not all, but still.

Power cords, chargers, portable batteries charges

Many people will remember to charge the actual phone but forget the USB cable. You don’t forget to charge it the night before, but you forget it, the portable battery charger that you bought it primarily because you always forget your power cord. It happens to all of us.

An umbrella

When you are coming from an area that has warm weather, you are not used to carrying one so you forget about it. Whatever you do, don’t purchase an umbrella! You can usually borrow one from the hotel — or from a chauffeur.

A toothbrush, toothpaste or razor

These items are commonly forgotten. You probably you know why because you use them directly before packing them. But don’t worry, call down to the front desk and ask for a shaving kit or a toothbrush kit. Most hotels offer it for free.

A belt, a pair of glasses

As we all know, TSA requires you to take off your suspicious details like the belt, shoes, glasses. When you travel often, we think you shouldn’t put your glasses on, or your scarf or your belt on, so this is the main reason you forget it. You can probably replace the belt quickly, but it’s going to be much harder with the glasses.

Don’t shop at stores near or inside of hotels at, they could be pretty expensive as they have brand stores. A local big box store should have much more affordable belts.

Feminine items

Extremely forgettable but don’t worry you can find these everywhere.

Credit, cash and debit cards

In all the excitement, it can be easy to forget that when traveling abroad you will need other payment options than you usually use.

Make sure you research currencies and payment option before you hit the road. This a particularly challenging situation, when forgetting these you are in a bit of a pickle.


They’re very easy to forget, whether you’re taking medications just recently or have been taking them all your life, like hygiene items, the reason medications are often forgotten is because they are usually taken just before you finish to pack your carry on. Contact your pharmacy and ask to have them mailed to you, is one way to replace your medications cheaply.

Nothing is a substitute for an intense preparation. It’s still much better to have it all with you from the very start even though you may be able to get anything you need at your destination, so begin making your list now… and checking it twice!

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