Don’t Sacrifice Safety Fundamentals for Perceived Convenience

Have you ever taken a few seconds to wonder about the difference between major car-hailing services available in your country? Taxis and phone apps such as Uber came to the fore, in the last years, mainly thanks to their prices and their ability to cover large spaces.

Yet, large numbers don’t always mean quality. These companies mostly rely on untrained drivers to cater to their clients, often resulting in problems with quality and safety. A Uber driver, for instance, only needs to sign up on the company’s website and be approved to start catering to clients.

As they sit behind the wheel and take your’s and your customer’s lives in their hands, you might find yourself wishing to have invested a bit more money to hire a professional.


Chauffeurs VS Amateur Drivers

When you hire a chauffeur, you are billed for more than just the miles you will be covering. Chauffeurs go through a long training program. They are taught how to take care of their customers, their vehicles, and how to deal with any kind of problem or emergency.

A chauffeur is not only a driver. This professional figure is put in place to guarantee the highest level of quality and satisfaction. Whether you are stuck in a traffic jam or need a last time modification to your travel plans, your professional driver will be able to solve your problems.

Safety is not only found in the driver, vehicles also needs to be kept in top shape. Transportation companies regularly check the integrity of brakes, lights, belts, and engine parts to be sure that everything is functional and safe.

On the contrary, an amateur or Uber driver is not requested to do or to pass specific inspections. You might be thinking that you’re saving money, but the price difference is definitely not worth the risk of permanent injuries or damage.

Additionally, Uber is unlikely to take responsibility for their actions if anything happens and you end up missing an important appointment or losing a client.

By hiring your personal chauffeur, you will have someone working on your schedule. They will be waiting for you, following your commands and guarantee a smooth and comfortable trip to your destination.


In Conclusion

As we noticed in this small article, your convenience when hiring a non-professional driver is hardly real. Yes, you might be saving a small amount of money, but the high risks and the lack of guarantees translate in a loss.

When you need to employ someone for your transportation needs or to offer a service to your clients and business customers, being cheap is hardly rewarding. Not only your risk putting your assets into danger, you might also end up looking unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Investing in chauffeured transportation remains the most opportune choice. Quality, professionalism, and customer care will please both your employees and your partners, maintaining your reputation as a professional entrepreneur and potentially increasing your chances for success.


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