How to choose the best prom night limo

prom night limoOne of the most important aspects of your teenager’s prom night is how they will get to and from the event. The most iconic and exciting ways to begin your prom night on a phenomenal note is with the rental of a fabulous limousine or party bus that gets all your friends in one place at one time!  While fun is all that is on their mind, safety is what is on yours as a parent.

While your teenager thinks that booking a limo is for their benefit alone by having the most fun possible, it is also a way for you to ease your mind. Knowing that your teen will be safe with a responsible chauffeur behind the wheel can give you peace of mind.

Choosing the right prom night limo is almost as important as picking out the perfect tux or stunning dress. You look great and want a night without having to worry about anything – including transportation.

It’s not hard to find the right limo to get you to dinner, prom and any after prom parties. It’s just like school, though. You have to first do a little homework, but don’t worry, this homework’s fun and easy.

So, how is it that you choose the perfect limousine for you and your party? We have a few tips to finding the best of the best for your special night to remember.

The right size limo

You don’t have to immediately choose the longest limo if your party only consists of one or two couples. Think about the size of your party. Many teens choose to go in a group to socialize throughout the night and not just at prom. Try to get a total number of people before picking out a limo. Even if a few people back out at the last minute, you still won’t be paying for more limo than you actually need.

How much are you willing to pay

Splurging on prom is nothing new and the prom night limo shouldn’t be an exception. A cheaper limo doesn’t mean better and you might just find yourself all dressed up with no ride if you go with the cheapest option. You also don’t have to choose the most expensive limo service.

Look carefully at hourly costs, amenities fees and any other hidden fees. Ask for all costs upfront so you know what to expect and don’t have prom ruined with a larger than expected bill. This also allows you to split all costs beforehand so everyone in your party knows in advance if they can afford it or not.

Check their fleet and consider all the options

Reputable limo services have more than one limo to rent. Take a look at all your options. Maybe you’d prefer a limo to compliment your tux or dress or want a white party bus over a traditional stretch. Some limos may offer different amenities than others as well. Don’t just go with the first limo you find.

Book in Advance

The biggest issue you might encounter is all limos are booked by the time you start your search. Prom season overlaps the beginning of wedding season, making it more difficult to find available limos. Start planning for prom several months in advance and secure your limo early.


This will ensure you get the limo you want instead of just the ones left over. After all, you don’t want to be the couple showing up in an old, beaten up limo from a questionable service when everyone else is arriving in new, shiny limos with all the extras.

Put Safety first

Safety might not be the first thing on your mind, but parents are more concerned with safety than anything else. Look at the service’s reputation and length of service. Part of the reason for renting a limo for prom is so you’re not distracted while trying to drive and talk to your date and friends. You get to sit back, relax and know you’re well taken care of. Your parents get to relax knowing that you’re not out driving around at 3 AM.

With so many things to plan, choosing a limo should be easy. Think about all of the above and you’ll find that it drastically narrows down the field. When it comes time for the big night, you’ll be glad you took the time to carefully consider your options and make prom a night you’ll always cherish.

Alpha Limousine provides safe, luxury limousine services to please today’s young adults on their prom night and other formal school activities in the greater Tampa Bay area.

Alpha Limousine offers our prom customers a beautiful fleet from stretched limos to party buses.

So give us at Alpha Limousine a call and let us help plan your special prom outing with transportation that will make you the envy of your classmates – and give your parents peace of mind.



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