Five Fabulous Ways to Surprise the Bride

Wedding days are a whirlwind of stress, fun, family, friends, excitement, and love. This special day will be sure to stand out in the memories of both bride and groom as a day of celebration and excitement, but sometimes it’s the little details that really stand out! There are plenty of ways to surprise the bride (in a good way) on her wedding day. The most important consideration when deciding how to surprise the bride is whether or not she’ll appreciate a surprise on a day so carefully planned. If you know she will, however, we have a list of ideas below for ways to surprise her!

Send Getting-Ready Gifts

It doesn’t matter who this is from, a getting-ready gift is always appreciated! Whether you send food for the bridesmaids and bride, or champagne to begin celebrating early, your gift is sure to be loved. The groom can send a love letter or flowers to let his bride know he is thinking about her even as they prepare for their big day. This sweet gesture helps lessen the stress of preparation and makes the day more fun!

From the Family

Wedding days are both difficult and wondrous for parents. It is hard for them to see their little ones still in the adults who are creating their own family, so a gift from the parents is treasured. Sometimes parents will give something blue to wear on the wedding day. Other parents have written letters to their daughter to be opened on her wedding day so she knows how much they adore her. Another great thing for parents to surprise their daughter with a limo ride from her hotel to the ceremony site! Nothing says it’s a special day like taking a limo around town prior to the start of the ceremony. Of course, brothers and sisters can contribute to the surprise too! A great way to surprise your sister on her wedding day is to provide her with a scrapbook of photos of her and her partner.

Bridesmaids Surprise

Often brides will surprise their bridesmaids with a gift on the wedding day, so it makes it extra special when bridesmaids surprise the bride! Some bridesmaids surprise the bride with the gift of a makeup artist or a package of letters each has written about the bride. A wonderful way to surprise the bride is with a bag full of solutions to common problems, such as scissors to cut errant strings, bandages for blisters, nail files and clippers, chapstick, tweezers, snacks, and bobby pins! This bag of solutions will probably be the most helpful thing for the bride on the day-of, making it a wonderful and practical surprise!

Song and Dance

A sweet and fun way to surprise the bride is to change up the song! Of course it’s important to know if this kind of surprise would be okay with the bride, but it is always a treat for guests and makes for a fun and sweet memory. A sweet surprise for the father-daughter dance would be to ask the DJ to play a song that’s very meaningful for the two of them, one she didn’t realize you were going to pick! The groom can do the same. A fun way to add a little bit of surprise to the day is to have the music skip after some time dancing to it and become a fun song with choreography! You could even get the bride involved in planning this particular surprise.


Departing Surprise

If it’s your goal to surprise the bride, make the last moments of the wedding day very special to her with a parting gift. The best departure gift a bride (and groom) can receive is a gorgeous send-off vehicle! The trend lately has been beautiful vintage vehicles, though a simple and elegant sedan would definitely be just as sweet. Taking care of the getaway car will make the bride feel extra special. Having chauffeured transportation helps relieve the stress of making sure the newlyweds are taken to their hotel safely. Plus, this stylish last touch is always a great photo opportunity!

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