Tips on Having a Unique Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding day is an incredible celebration of the union of two families. Although there will be many significant moments, the pinnacle of the celebration is the ceremony. The ceremony that joins the two of you together is the entire reason your friends and family have come together to celebrate. It’s more than formality- it is your chance to express your love for one another and your time to pledge to each other. Whether your ceremony is religious or secular, it is the perfect opportunity to add unique touches that display who you are as a couple. Whether you decide to switch things up with a personalized reading, a symbolic ritual, or having someone special to you as the officiant, your personalization will make your wedding ceremony a unique one. Read on to discover Alpha Limousine’s tips for having a unique wedding ceremony.

  1. Include Your Love Story

One of the more romantic ways you can make your wedding ceremony unique is to include the love story of you and your significant other. It is always unique, and always fitting to include the story of how you came to be standing with one another, making vows. All ceremonies are based on celebrating the unique love of the couple getting married.

As an extra special touch, you can have your officiant get to know your relationship from your perspective as a couple and also the perspective of your family and friends. This way, when they discuss how the two of you met, dated, and fell in love, they will be able to tell it as everyone sees it. Including your love story is a great way to create a unique wedding ceremony.

  1. Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

If you have family from all over the world, it can be extremely difficult to get everyone together for the wedding. Include loved ones from all over by having them write letters to be read during the ceremony. You can have them read by your officiant or someone close to you, such as having your parents read letters from siblings who couldn’t make it. With the development of today’s technology, you could even have them record a sweet message to be played during your ceremony. This is a great way to include them when they can’t make it.

Another way to honor those who are missing from your ceremony, such as those who have passed on, is to reserve seats for them at your wedding by placing a framed picture of them in the spot they would have taken. This is a unique, personal touch that will mean so much to you and those that love you.

  1. Make Your Processional Music Meaningful

No one says that you have to walk down the aisle to one particular song or even one type of music. The day is meant for the celebration of two extremely unique people coming together. Make your processional music meaningful. Choose a song that means something to you personally, or to the two of you as a couple. You will delight in the fact that you took a unique route when you look back on the day, because you will remember the song playing when you saw your future spouse at the end of that aisle. Meaningful music will make it so much more personal.

  1. Customize Your Ceremony Backdrop

One of the favorite emerging DIY projects for brides is to customize their ceremony backdrop. Since the altar is the focal point of the ceremony, it makes sense that you would want a statement piece behind it as part of your ceremony décor. There are so many great options out there for a very unique setting. You can decorate with everything from paper flowers to streamers to vintage keys and doors. Whether you’d like to have a wall of vines or origami paper cranes, you can create a backdrop that is uniquely suited to the two of you. This backdrop can even be reused for the photo booth or behind your cake table. It will be very special to have photos of the two of you standing in front of a unique ceremony backdrop that you created.

  1. Design Your Aisle

Like customizing your ceremony backdrop, designing your wedding aisle is another great way to add a unique touch to your ceremony. While flower petals and white aisle runners are traditional classics, you don’t have to stop there when it comes to getting personal with your aisle. Be creative with flower petals. Choose to create an ombre effect instead of sticking with one color. Make your walk down the aisle pop with a colorful aisle runner or even have a paper one that everyone writes good wishes on for you and your betrothed. If you’d prefer, you can even use the setting of your chosen ceremony venue to create a unique aisle. For example, if your venue is outdoors, you can use the simple green grass as your aisle. Or you can use existing pathways and boardwalks. Be creative and have fun with it.

  1. Reinvent the Traditional Ceremony Exit

Once you’re officially married, it’s time to make your way to the reception! While getting into a limo with your bridal party is always a great traditional option, why not opt for a more exciting mode of transportation? The bridal party would love to be on a Vintage Red Party Bus. Or you and your new spouse could hire a driver and a vintage car of your choice, like a 1960 Antique Rolls Royce, to take you to the reception.

  1. Switch Up the Seating

Having an outdoor ceremony presents a unique opportunity for couples to get a little creative with the seating, creating a unique ceremony that they and their guests will always remember. Depending on your venue and the number of guests you’re working with, breaking away from traditional seating can be the perfect way to bring a little extra style and personality to the ceremony decor.

Mix chairs and sofas of different shapes and styles, upholstered in fabrics of various colors and textures, for a vintage-glam look. Say your vows surrounded by friends and family with an intimate circular layout.  You can even use bales of hay covered with pretty blankets or colorful quilts to give rustic weddings a nice, festive touch! There are plenty of options out there.

We hope this list of tips for a unique wedding ceremony has been helpful to you. Alpha Limousine provides the perfect exit for any couple and much more than that: Wedding day limousine service, Family and friends limo service, Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Limo Service .

We are so honored to have been a part of so many weddings and are looking forward to all the weddings to come.

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