Top Wedding Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Wedding planning isn’t something you should do haphazardly. It is a process; some would even say a science. People have made their careers out of planning weddings, so you know that it is no easy feat. The devil is in the details they say, and when it comes to planning this particular special event they couldn’t be more correct. The frustrations of deal with wedding planning can seem overwhelming and can take over your life.

Alpha Limousine is here to help. We’ve worked with thousands of brides since we first opened our doors and here are the top wedding planning mistakes we’ve discovered with tips on how to avoid them!

Planning Mistake #1: Blowing Your Budget on the Little Things

Once you’ve determined your budget and set whether or not you have wiggle room, you need to stick with it.  This is sometimes easier said than done. You might have a certain budget set aside for catering but then decide that you want to do a plated meal instead of a buffet. This is going to eat into your budget and you are going to have to sacrifice in a different area or else you will go over budget. No one wants to deal with going over budget, so it’s important to stick with your initial budget and stay focused on the big picture. Remember it’s the little things that start to really add up.

Planning Mistake #2: Sending Out Save-The-Dates Too Soon

It may be tempting to tell everyone about your wedding date as soon as possible, because of course you are excited! You have every right to be extremely excited about your upcoming wedding, but don’t send those save-the-date cards out until you’ve truly finalized the guest list. Friends you’re close with when you get engaged may be mere acquaintances by the time you get hitched, and your cousin might have recently gotten married.  Guest counts can change fairly frequently so be sure to reserve save-the-dates only for those guests you know will be invited, like your families and the members of your bridal party.

Planning Mistake #3: Picking Your Bridal Party Too Early

Your bridesmaids should be your closest friends. They can also be your sisters, cousins, aunts and even your mom, but they have to be people you’d trust to be there when you most need them. You don’t know new friends well enough yet to be sure they’ll support you in tough situations (every bride encounters one at some point), and picking people because a family member demands it or so you and your man will have an even number of attendants are also decisions you’ll likely regret. Instead, focus on choosing people you know will be there for you no matter what.

Planning Mistake #4: Speeding Through Photos

Anything less than an hour isn’t enough for a portrait session; an hour-and-a-half is closer to ideal because you’ll look more relaxed in your pictures (and those first few never come out as well as you hope). Squeezing photos into the first half-hour of your cocktail hour will make you anything but at ease. If you don’t wish to see your groom before the ceremony, take pictures separately beforehand so the only shots left to take after the ceremony will include both of you.

Planning Mistake #5: “Hiring” A Friend Instead of a Pro

Sure, your pal was the king of the mix CD back in the day, but that doesn’t mean he’ll make a great wedding DJ. Same goes for your friend who won’t leave home without her Flip — this doesn’t make her a videographer! Even on a tight budget, you’re much better off paying a vendor with experience to take care of the biggies, like the music and the food. Don’t you want your friends to enjoy your wedding instead of having to work through it, anyway?

Planning Mistake #6: Not Having a reliable Wedding Service Transportation

With a bigger-than-average wedding party, a three-hour gap between the ceremony and reception, and a large number of out-of-town guests attending to your wedding, the transportation situation is a puzzle. Well, sometimes, transportation can be, by far, the biggest headache of your entire wedding planning process and if you do not choose a professional you are making a terrible planning mistake. Make sure you offer a transportation service to your guests and to yourself.

After an entire day of planning, setting up, getting ready, saying vows, and partying, you are going to be exhausted. All you’re going to want to do is relax. Have a getaway car with a chauffeur to drive you to your final destination for the evening is the perfect way to wrap up your wedding. You don’t have to worry about where you’re going or whether you can drive safely after a night of partying. You can just relax and enjoy an elegant, and safe, ride.

Tampa Limo Service

As you plan for this most important event, you will want to make sure that all those involved in your wedding – especially your wedding limousine service – are highly trained professionals with years of experience in their respective businesses.

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We look forward to being a vital part of your very special wedding day.

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